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Our Philosophy and Commitment to Helping Your Organization Succeed

PRA is a “values based” organization that focuses on improving individual and organizational performance. PRA holds each of its employees, consultants, managers and leaders to high ethical and performance standards and to maintaining the corporation’s vision and values.

Vision: Utilizing technology and innovative solutions, PRA assists each client achieve higher levels of individual and organizational performance at reasonable and competitive prices.

·       Integrity - Do the right thing by each customer, colleague, subordinate and the company.
·       Competence - Perform at the highest levels possible.
·       Respect - Always respect the customer, the customer’s property, teammates and fellow workers.
We believe that higher performance is achieved by the thoughtful integration of new technology and existing subject matter expertise. Whether the task involves new media, social marketing, physical security or application of new technology to improve business processes, PRA provides the thought leadership and technical support necessary to ensure a quality result. Our business approach, staff resources, and our total commitment to client success make PRA the right company to help each agency or organization overcome whatever performance challenges it faces. Our proven methodologies and our experience working in and with federal agencies have placed us in a position to deliver the most value for the dollars invested.